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It was the Phoenician traders who first taught the Britons how to make metal weapons. Ornamental bracelets and torcs made from twisted gold wire were often worn.

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EH Festival of History. Note how the Roman shields have became curved and longer, in order to hug the body and better protect the soldier. Here you can see in more detail the later Roman armour and weaponry. Note the helmet or cassis. As well as cheek protectors, the helmet has a guard to protect the back of the neck and a ridge running along the front of the helmet to protect the head from sword blows.

As well as the sword the soldiers are also carrying a spear pilum and a dagger pugio. Roman boots were made from leather and studded with hobnails. Body armour was made from overlapping metal strips held together by leather strips on the inside, and hinged to allow the soldier to move more easily. Under the armour the soldier would wear a linen undershirt and a wool tunic.

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The conical helmet was made of leather over a framework of iron, with a nasal or nose-guard. Shield bosses are commonly found in early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries but helmets and items of body armour are exceptionally rare. The Sutton Hoo ship burial 7th century is an exception and includes not only the famous helmet, sword and shield, but also a mail-coat which was so rusted it could not be restored. Armour was very precious so it was probably passed down through the family rather like an heirloom would be today.

Indeed by its design, the Sutton Hoo helmet may well have dated from the 4th century Roman era rather then the 7th century. A wealthy Viking would be likely to have a spear, one or two javelins, a wooden shield, and either a battle axe or a sword. The very richest might have a helmet, however armour is thought to have been limited to the nobility and perhaps professional warriors.

The average Viking would own just a spear, a shield, and an axe or a large knife. Saxon warrior in around AD time of King Edmund. The warrior left is wearing a tunic with a cuirass of leather over it, a conical cap and a long cloak fastened with a brooch on the shoulder.

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He carries a shield, probably made of linden wood, bound and riveted with iron, and a sword. The handle of the iron sword is decorated with gold or silver, and the blade of the sword is about 3 feet in length. Norman soldier around AD. Darksword Five Lobe Viking Sword. Del Tin 10th Century Scandinavian Sword. Del Tin 10th Century Viking Sword. Del Tin 8th Century Scandinavian Sword. Del Tin Migration Era Sword.

Del Tin Sword of Charlemagne. Del Tin Viking Sword. Early Medieval Sword. Fafnir Forge 10th Century Viking Sword. Fafnir Forge 8th - 9th Century Viking Sword. Hakon - Viking Stage Combat Sword. Hanwei Cawood Sword. Hanwei Godfred Viking Sword. Hanwei Practical Viking Sword.

Hanwei Trondheim Viking Sword. Hedeby 9th Century Viking Sword. Hedemark Norse Sword - Late 9th Century. Hersir Viking Sword. Kris Cutlery Viking Sword. Late Viking Era Sword 10th - 11th Centuries. Legacy Arms 8th Century Viking Sword. Ring Pommel Viking Sword.

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Ritter Steel Viking Chieftain Sword. Ronin Katana - Viking Sword.

Ronin Katana - Viking Sword - Stage Steel Viking Short Sword. Sticklestad Viking Sword.

Suontaka Viking Sword. Sutton Hoo Migration Era Sword. Sword of the Viking King. Tinker Pearce Custom - Viking Sword. Tourney Viking Sword. Triple Lobed Godfred Sword. Viking Jarl Sword with Damascus Blade. Viking Jarl's Sword. Viking Sword Type K. Viking Temple Sword - Brown Grip. Viking Temple Sword - Green Grip. Vikings - Sword of Lagertha. Windlass Battlecry! Viking Armor. Antiqued Gjermunbu Helmet.

Coppergate Spangenhelm - 20 Gauge. Early Medieval Spangenhelm - 18 Gauge. Embossed Viking Helmet. Furdess Helm - 14 Gauge. Furdess Helm - 16 Gauge. Gjermundbu style Viking Helm - 20 Gauge Steel. Gjermundbu Viking Helmet - 14 Gauge Steel. Gjermundbu Viking Helmet - 16 Gauge Steel. Nasal Bar Spangenhelm with Aventail - 20 Gauge. Ocular Mask Spangenhelm. Raven Helmet - Epic Dark Finish. Vendel Viking Helm. Viking Gjermundbu Helmet - 14 Gauge.

Ancient British Weapons and Armour

Viking Gjermundbu Helmet - 16 Gauge. Viking Horned Helmet - 20 Gauge.

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Viking Mask Helmet. Viking Nasal Helm - 14 Gauge Steel. Viking Ocular Helm - 18 Gauge Steel. Viking Spangenhelm Epic Metal Finish. Viking Spectacle Helm - 14 Gauge Steel. Viking Spectacle Helm - 16 Gauge Steel. Viking Spectacle Helmet. Viking Wolf Helm - 18 Gauge Steel. Viking Shields. Dark Age Round Shield. Early Medieval Round Shield.