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It was in the midst of this hysteria that Holmes breathed new life into the First Amendment.

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He was an unlikely midwife. Holmes, 78 at the time, was descended from one of the oldest families in America. As a state court judge in Massachusetts, he had ruled that there is no right to speak on public property or while working as a public employee. But his indifference to free speech also stemmed from a deeper commitment to majority rule and judicial restraint.

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Holmes believed that the majority, acting through its elected representatives, should be allowed to pursue whatever policies it wanted. And he, as an unelected judge, had no business standing in the way. But the events of changed Holmes. A contrarian with a love of books and a fondness for debate, he was troubled by the wave of persecution that swept the country once the dangers of war had passed.

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He was especially troubled when that wave threatened to engulf two of his own friends, a legal scholar named Felix Frankfurter and a British political theorist named Harold Laski. But in , they were young academics Frankfurter was 37, Laski 26 still making names for themselves.

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They were also part of a circle of younger intellectuals who worshiped Holmes for his willingness to uphold progressive labor legislation despite his own doubts about the wisdom of such laws. This circle, which included two of the founding editors of The New Republic, Herbert Croly and Walter Lippmann, published tributes to Holmes, feted him with parties and dinners, and passed around his opinions like sacred texts. He wrote to the president of Harvard, where both men taught, and sought help from the Harvard Law School alumni association.

He also began to rethink his stance on the First Amendment, an endeavor his young friends encouraged. They fed him books on political liberalism, wrote him long letters on the value of tolerance and engaged him in impassioned debates.

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For I have given him your article and we must fight on it. Holmes did not change his mind all at once. In March , he wrote three opinions for the court upholding the convictions of socialists for criticizing the war. These opinions hinted at an internal struggle.

Holmes retreated from his earlier belief that free speech protects only against prior restraints. Add to Collections. Order articles. Fetching bibliography My Bibliography Add to Bibliography.

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Meaning "not likely to be true" is recorded from s. For one thing, the Pope announced his retirement in Latin.

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Giovanna Chirri, an Italian journalist assigned to the Vatican beat, was able to break the story before her peers thanks to her knowledge of the dead language. Most experts …. RELATED WORDS unbelievable , rare , incredible , improbable , strange , absurd , implausible , remote , inconceivable , contrary , doubtful , dubious , faint , questionable , slight , unconvincing , unheard-of , unimaginable , untoward. Nearby words unlevel , unlicensed , unlicked , unlike , unlikelihood , unlikely , unlimber , unlimited , unlined , unlink , unlisted.

Origin of unlikely First recorded in —75, unlikely is from the Middle English word unlikli. See un- 1 , likely.

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