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In the context of a time duration, would you use "small" or "narrow" as an adjective for the word "window"?

It's very common to refer to either a small or a narrow "window of opportunity," to refer to one common idiom. Note that I'm not suggesting that you need to write "window of opportunity.

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Trimple Member Yokohama, Japan. I note that bibliolept mentioned window of "opportunity" above, and found that Google also suggests the term when I type in "window of". Would it be possible to use the term "window of time" to describe a period during something negative might occur? Example: There may be a small window of time when our productivity is lower than our competitors.

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Hello, Trimple. I think I would always see "window" used like this as an abbreviated form of "window of opportunity". Which would imply that it's only used for positive things, seen from the point of view of the person taking advantage of the window of opportunity. Of course, from someone else's point of view, the effect might be negative: if I went out for an hour, that might provide a window of opportunity for thieves to burgle my house, for example.

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  • So, for me, your sentence would only work if you were thinking of things from the competitors' viewpoint: the period of "our" relatively low productivity might provide an opportunity for the competitors. I, on the other hand, don't automatically see "window of Life on the road was pretty unpredictable and often, the best I could do when trying to arrange calls with people would be to say something like, "I have a half hour window" or "a window of time between when I should be free.

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    Going back to my previous example, I could have also said, "I have a small [or narrow] window of time between when I should be free. Fair point, radosna.

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    • In other words, that it's positive rather than negative from the point of view of the person planning to use the "window"? I think you have a good point there as well, Loob. But then if one were to use the expression, "a small window of time" or "a narrow window of time" , wouldn't you say that that sort of neutralizes it? One one hand, the person is saying, "Yes, it is possible. Yes, we can take advantage of that. We're very limited. I think of it as an old-fashion medieval window, i. Radosna, Forero, I accept what you both say. But would you not agree that Trimple's sentence Trimple said:.

      There may be a small window of time when our productivity is lower than our competitors.

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      A reader may access the article during that time window. An address space will be displayed on the taskbar every time Windows is running. The " Time Window " is the period over which the throughput is measured.

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      Most probably came from tombs. Every time Windows crashes, all my folders revert to showing files as large icons. AST promises a software upgrade around the time Windows 95 ships in late August. It includes procedures to define : time windows , standards, corresponding thresholds and waveform correction.

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      Exact time windows are denoted by and flexible by. There, Kilgore follows Billy, thinking the latter has seen through a " time window ".

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      The total time window allowed for the site is then divided into these periods proportionately.