The Twisted World Verse One: The Dusk Harbinger

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If you look further into them, the entire world is changed in ways that are almost unimaginable. Gold is a precious limited resource and quite a few industries rely on it. Without it, certain technologies might not exist or alternatives would have to be found.

The Twisted World Verse One: The Dusk Harbinger

If human beings consumed salt water instead, most human civilization would be found at the shores of oceans on every major continent and water would have to be imported in-land. Just change one tiny facet of how all of this functions, and you have a world much different than the one you know. Is it hard to come up with character names? In our first novella Rabbit in the Road, we actually sat down and studied the naming convention of America during the time period it takes place.

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Music is absolutely a factor when we work. Music is a powerful entity when it comes to constructing a narrative. As we know, music has long played a major role in human civilization. A song can be a motivator and other songs can be highly demoralizing. Music invokes strong feelings in people. When we construct our works, we make sure that there is music appropriate to the scenes that we are creating to put us in the right frame of mind. It was a very exciting time for us and a brand new venture. Rabbit in the Road was an incredibly successful endeavor for us, and an experience worth doing.

When we were at a wedding some months back, I was approached by several women whom I was not aware had read the book and told me how much of a difference the work had made in their lives. Several works have been outlined in other genres including science fiction and romance. What is the hardest thing about being a writer? The most difficult part about being a writer is learning to grin and bear it. Not everyone is going to like your work, for many different reasons. I have found this to be true both in fiction and in my journalism work.

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The most important thing that I can tell any prospective writer is to not give your negative feedback so much attention. Focus your attention on those who are strongly supportive of you and make sure you support them in turn. These are the people who are going to promote your work, so you would do well to give them lots of care.

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It will pay off. Your spiritman is enthroned in light, embodying the living stones, the tribes, the apostles and the eschatological omega point Christ as a Manifest Son and Logos. When you are quickened of the Spirit you are in a spiritual universe, the highest reality of the kingdom. Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the LORD God might dwell among them.

The crystal cubed city becomes a mirror of heaven where we practise ascetic dreaming, riding each of the various coloured waves. The crystal cubed city game becomes a natural holy grail, a mirror of heaven, like a Vatican library, played in the creative imagination, seeing the light of the Divine in a grain of sand.

The relation ideas, essences, patterns underlining the diversity of natural phenomena. We practice ascetic dreaming, converting natural phenomena and physical texture into musical tones. Rainbow synergy becomes the sum total of ideas constituting world cultural inheritance — an encyclopaedia of human knowledge. Science, music, art and religion meet the communion of saints in an inspiring assemblage beyond death where the player experiences figures of genius and sanctity. The wealth of human discourse is experienced where ideas are juxtaposed, focusing on connections and quickenings — being an expression of a universal, artistic priesthood.

The priestly, princely Levi company promoting heavenly though and fulness; utilizing the faceclock and Urim and Thummim of bleeping lights. Imagine mining with a headlamp and identifying with each living stone, breathing down into the stone, the sardonyx, chalcedony or emerald, then breathing in, up, into the tribe, the apostle of the Lamb and the futuristic state. You experience bilocations, transportations, prophecies, dreams and visions concerning your eternal destiny and purpose.

Divine faceclock. Ambassadors of light rose wheel. Interrelates with daystar radiance, numbers and colours of God, letters and word associations. The names of God, Jewish kabbalah, symbolism, sciences and artistic expressions. It relates to saints within the New Jerusalem diamond experience, identifying being in Christ and with the temples of God in order to come up with new creative insights teaching people new solutions to problems, accessing their potential and destiny. We step into a parallel universe transfigured in the light of the New Jerusalem where matter is illuminated by the Spirit shining with a wonderful brilliance.

The Twisted World Verse One: The Dusk Harbinger [Archive] - Absolute Write Water Cooler

A life mentor transformer gets the individual to write a life map with a damage control inventory. Individuals playing the game imagine their spirit as a celestial diamond while looking to the faceclock oracle as a holographic image. You are a pilgrim on a journey seeing a vision, experiencing an encounter leading to a transformation. Tying in the Daystar Apostles as caught up saints, living creatures, spiritual fathers and king priests with the World Wide Watch and the game universal rainbow synergy. We throw the dice and get a number, focusing on the Edenline mainfest sons, omniconscious universalist miracle workers and healers.

We focus on superheroes, angel avatars, clear sighted seers, champions, protectors, saviours, warriors, defenders, crusaders and guardians. You encounter the lightwoman becoming firstfruits overcomers and miniature Jerusalems, overcoming the darkwoman, seeing the Lord and identifying with the Daystar Apostle in tabernacles by the Spirit; perceiving the colour and module in the natural.

Identify with the rider on the white horse coming out of Orion's belt and with the New Jerusalem and photon belt ascendancy Habakkuk , 11, Put your right arm up in the air and practise photon belt ascendancy while pulsating your body. In Amos there is a reference to the seven stars of the Pleiades and the Orion, with the rider on the white horse, the Hunter Messiah Prince, the High Father coming with sword in hand with the judgement of Taurus and Orion's Belt. There is the horse's head, the dragon, the beast and the butterfly nebulae found within this constellation. There are three star gates with laylines connecting with the gates associated with natural, physical Jerusalem , the silver and golden gate.

As Daystar Apostles we seek to enlighten the grid. Christian astronomers have seen the New Jerusalem as the brilliant, yellow, celestial city in the sides of the north, the city of the Great King Psalms Satan has counterfeited God's purpose in exalting his throne above the stars of God, the redeemed elect, shutting down the spiritual New Jerusalem Isaiah "I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north". The seven stars in the Pleiades become the number associated with the glorified risen Christ, the seven stars in Christ's right hand, the sevenfold intensified Spirit and the sevenfold radiant light of Isaiah - i.

The Orion is the church and the Pleiades are the expression of the body of Christ, also defined by the throne and the rainbow arches across Betelgeuse. In Job the influences of the Pleiades and the bands of the Orion are heavenly bodies and energies which rule the earth. God brings forth the constellations and the bearfold big fold the church, small fold Israel and Argos , both of which are related to my birth sign.

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In the southern hemisphere when the sun is in the lowest part of the earth during the winter solstice, my birth sign has the star of David superimposed over it. I am destined to be quickened and to arise, becoming and international healer coming out of the mystical darkness, becoming a spiritual father who claims his redeemed possessions symbolised by Argos.

The biblical zodiac can be used to confirm God's will in your life. Now practise the black hole, cross and star ritual identifying with the New Jerusalem within the Orion - the or-eye-on not the or-eye-off associated with Orphicus depicting the conquering man as serpent bearer, the thirteenth constellation identified with Scorpio. STEP 1: Breath down into our solar plexus while grieving, waving your hands below the knees and repeating "Black hole and black hole" extending the arms at shoulders "and cross and cross" then lifting your arms over your head "and star and star", walking in the light Amos Identify with your birth sign heraldic symbol and corresponding prophecy concerning Christ as with my birth sign 20th July The numbers add up to The family heraldic symbol is related to the king of Burgundy who was a human rights activist who stood for justice and true equality with four golden stars on a black background.

Isa A virgin will conceive. COMA-the desired. H-desired; P-woman feed baby boy.

Hag desired of all nations shall come. A,C-the despised; H-sin offering.

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H-the coming; E-one who rules. The Promised Seed of the woman, the Desired of all nations, a two-natured being, who will come to harvest.


LIBRA-the scales. H-weighing;A-purchase; Co-propitiation. Isa sin offering balance our lacks. CRUX-the cross. Dan 62 weeks, messiah cut off. LUPUS-the victim. H,A-to be slain. Isa lamb to the slaughter; Ez blood remission. H-royal crown; A-,jewel. PS thine enemies thy footstool. The price deficient balanced by the price which covers. The Cross endured by the Victicm slain, who receives the Crown.

H-the conflict; A-wound him that cometh. Good vs Evil. H,A-the serpent held.