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TV Guide ' s Matt Roush, for instance, called the show "oddball" and "offbeat", and noted how literally the series took the metaphor of space operas as Westerns. Roush opined that the shift from space travel to horseback was "jarring", but that once he got used to this, he found the characters cleverly conceived, and the writing a crisp balance of action, tension and humor. The Boston Globe described Firefly as a "wonderful, imaginative mess brimming with possibility".

The review further notes the difference between the new series and other programs was that those shows "burst onto the scene with slick pilots and quickly deteriorate into mediocrity Firefly is on the opposite creative journey.

The Real Reason Why Firefly Was Canceled

Chocano noted that the series lacks the psychological tension of Buffy , and suggests that this might be attributable to the episodes being aired out of order. Firefly generated a loyal base of fans during its three-month original broadcast run on Fox in late These fans, self-styled Browncoats, used online forums to organize and try to save the series from being canceled by Fox only three months after its debut. Their efforts included raising money for an ad in Variety magazine and a postcard writing campaign to UPN.

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Navy ships by April for recreational viewing by their crews. These and other continuing fan activities eventually persuaded Universal Studios to produce a feature film, Serenity. Numerous early screenings of rough film cuts were held for existing fans starting in May as an attempt to create a buzz to increase ticket sales when the final film cut was released widely on September 30, On June 23, , fans organized the first worldwide charity screenings of Serenity in 47 cities, dubbed as Can't Stop the Serenity or CSTS, an homage to the movie's tagline, "Can't stop the signal".

In July , a fan-made documentary was released, titled Done the Impossible , and is commercially available. The documentary relates the story of the fans and how the show has affected them, and features interviews with Whedon and various cast members.

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According to the film's creator and producer, Whedon gave "his blessing" to the project. The film was sold on DVD and Blu-ray at the film's website, with all proceeds being distributed among five charities. Firefly came in first place, with its cinematic follow-up Serenity in second. Brad Wright , co-creator of Stargate SG-1 has said that the th episode of SG-1 is "a little kiss to Serenity and Firefly , which was possibly one of the best canceled series in history". In the episode, "Martin Lloyd has come to the S. Ten thousand people lined up to get into the panel, and the panel ended with the entire crowd giving the cast and crew a standing ovation.

A tenth anniversary special, Browncoats Unite , was shown on the Science Channel on November 11, The special featured Whedon, Minear, and several of the cast members, in a discussion on the series' history. According to Reason ' s Julian Sanchez , Firefly ' s cult following "seems to include a disproportionate number of libertarians. The characters each exhibit traits that exemplify core libertarian values, such as the right to bear arms Jayne, Zoe , legal prostitution Inara , freedom of religion Book , logic and reasoning Simon , and anti-conscription River. He's the opposite of me in many ways.

At the time the series was cancelled by Fox, it averaged 4. When he and Leonard Hofstadter are discussing their roommate agreement, they include a passage in which they dedicate Friday nights to watching Firefly , as Sheldon believes it will last for years. Upon its cancellation, he brands Rupert Murdoch , the owner of Fox , a traitor.

When Raj tries to hit on her he says that although he is an astrophysicist, she was actually in space during the shooting of Firefly.

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Glau chides him for believing this and Raj backtracks, saying, "Those are crazy people! They have an agreement that if one of them dies, the other will stage it to look like a suicide caused by the cancellation of Firefly , in the hopes that it will bring the show back. The television series Castle , where Fillion plays the lead character Richard Castle , has made ongoing homages to Firefly.

Castle has props from Firefly as decorative items in his home, has dressed up as a "space cowboy" for Halloween "You wore that five years ago," cracked his daughter , speaks Chinese that he learned from "a TV show [he] loved", and has made rapid "two-by-two" finger motions while wearing blue surgical gloves. He has been humorously asked if he has ever heard of a spa known as "Serenity", and Firefly catchphrases such as "shiny", "special hell", and "I was aiming for the head" have been used as punchlines during various dramatic scenes in Castle.

He has worked a murder case at a science fiction convention with suspects being the cast of a long-cancelled space opera that only ran for a season, and has had incidental interaction with people portrayed by Firefly cast members. Con Man , a comedy web series created by Tudyk and co-produced by Fillion, draws on the pair's experiences as cult science fiction actors touring the convention circuit. Staite, Torres and Maher made guest appearances. Maher played himself as a former Firefly actor. The popularity of the short-lived series served as the launching point for a media franchise within the Firefly universe, including the feature film Serenity , which addresses many plot points left unresolved by the series' cancellation.

Additionally, there are two comic-book mini-series , Serenity: Those Left Behind 3 issues, pages, , Serenity: Better Days 3 issues, 80 pages, and a one-shot hardcover Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale 56 pages, , along with the one-shots Serenity: Downtime and The Other Half and Serenity: Float Out in which Whedon explored plot strands he had intended to explore further in the series.

The comics are set, in plot terms, between the end of the TV series and the opening of the feature film. The two mini-series were later published in collected form as hardcover and paperback graphic novels. A six-issue series titled Serenity: Leaves on the Wind began in January and the series takes place after the events of the film.

Studios announced that they had acquired the comic book and graphic novel publishing license to Firefly with plans to release new monthly comic book series, limited series, original graphic novels and more. In July , the release of video game Firefly Online was announced that planned to have the cast reprise their roles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other films and television series with this names, see Firefly disambiguation.

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