Sustainability, Innovation and Facilities Management

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Beyond avoiding potentially harmful products, thought should be given to how products can have a positive contribution on the environment. Owens Corning refers to this approach as improving the handprint of buildings.

UBC wins innovation award for sustainable facilities management

Hand-printing speaks to the net-positive effects of building products across the built environment. Finally, sustainability is evaluated in terms of the impact it has on employees and communities through initiatives like safety and wellness. Given recent high-profile fires such as the Grenfell Tower fire in the United Kingdom, much work is focused on improving approaches to life safety in high-rise environments and giving occupants added time to evacuate a burning structure.

Building science is driving new solutions for perimeter fire containment as part of a passive life safety system such as the first formaldehyde-free perimeter fire containment system introduced in Designated products and services provide building owners and professionals with liability protection in the unfortunate event of an act of terrorism on their structure. Just as buildings are unique, so are the solutions for supporting life safety.

Commercial buildings require teams of engineering specialists focused on custom assemblies for fire stopping.

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One World Trade Center is one example. Safety was the highest priority in specifying the perimeter fire containment system and literally demanded the team at Thermafiber to undertake a floor by floor approach. Even on less high-profile buildings, it is important for commercial building professionals to consider safety from design phase through implementation.

This extends not only to evaluating assemblies but considering engineering judgments. For example, a solution recommended for a building in Florida is likely to have different loads than a building in Massachusetts. While energy efficiency is very important, a building must be durable to be sustainable. Improving energy efficiency is not a matter of adding more insulation, but adding the right insulation solution for the building application and environment. Thus, the whole ecosystem of a building and its function as a system should be considered to drive the optimal outcome for owners and occupants.

Thinking of buildings through the lens of integrated systems can help architects achieve a meaningful approach to energy efficiency and other key performance metrics. This philosophy drives thinking for designers, architects and ultimately building owners. Sustainability efforts at Owens Corning include some unique aspects such as ensuring a safety culture. This culture is a key area of focus not only at manufacturing plants but on the job site working alongside contractors and trades.

Sustainability in Singapore Real Estate

Community is another aspect of sustainability embraced at Owens Corning plants in the U. And of course, codes and standards also play a role. Building design is always evolving and introducing new challenges. A good example is meeting rebuilding standards set for healthcare facilities. LEED 4 does not allow any insulation products with added formaldehyde.

Innovation in Sustainability: Natural Areas

Yet the International Building Code still calls for fire safety. As the commercial building environment evolves, new challenges and questions will inevitably emerge surrounding sustainability and performance. And building science will no doubt help inform the answers.

! Sustainability Innovation And Facilities Management

A challenge often encountered when planning for a sustainable building is how to achieve those green goals while also ensuring a safe. Purpose Public facilities management FM is in the unique position of Albertslund, which is internationally recognised for its innovative and green profile. Elmualim, A. Innovation in sustainable facilities management practice: Implementing.

The paper uses questionnaire survey of 58 respondents facilities managers and other top managers who have FM portfolios. Strategic facilities management and sustainability agenda.. Innovation Inf. Process Manage. FM Media is the key communication tool for facilities professionals in Australia.

Sustainable innovation is vital to the future of the waste the technology that guides innovation in the facility must demonstrate it has been.

Innovations for Facility Management An IoT-driven sustainability management solution that derives real-time information about buildings. Innovation in Construction and Sustainability suitable for both business and technical management staff, as well as strategic leaders.

The manager persistently tried to energize the participants and, for example, invited them to express their own visions on sustainable building. The team.

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The book offers guidance towards a balanced approach that incorporates sustainable and optimal approaches for effective management of sustainable. SI6 aim: To achieve sustainable development of the Urals by developing a of University's innovations;; building stronger relationships with the business.