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Madison blinked. Now, of all times, her sister would choose to be snide? Alice had great hook lines, though. Sell connects to two other really important four-letter words.

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But I think the word that best describes it is Provide. Did you ever look that one up in the Encarta dictionary? The legal term means to require something in advance as a condition or as part of a contract. The non-legal term is to supply somebody with something, or be a source of something wanted or needed by somebody. Fuck is another four-letter word, and it gets a bad rap.


Cock, cunt, come… Do you think God and the Devil were playing a word game that day? Probably why He started the rumor sex was a sin.

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Getting tired, so have to cut to the chase. Now she thought it simply as it was. The fact she was exactly right about that would have been unsettling, except the subsequent paragraphs left Madison even more flummoxed. This next bit is the awkward part. Before you turn red as a tomato, just think how bad this would be if I were your brother! I made it sound like a silly adventure to get you there, but I thought it might help you come to terms with it.

You were so mesmerized; barely moving, clutching your drink, hypnotized by everything you saw. It came back in perfect clarity. The one who passed within three feet of her, wearing a collar and leash her Master had wrapped around his hand, his other palm intimately low on her hip, guiding her.

The more contemporary romances left her detached, and in the dark corners of her mind, Madison knew why. No matter how hard she worked at it, they still left. She always fell short. Choosing the wrong guy is different from being wrong about yourself, MadGirl. Stop trying to prove you could do something to make Dad love us more. I loved her, but Mom was weak. She destroyed herself because she thought it was her fault Dad was an asshole who wanted younger women. Stop trying to be what every guy, Master or not, wants you to be.

Book 4: Shifters Unbound

Embrace who you are for you. Anything else is a pointless soul-suck. Alice had been a hammer, relentlessly pounding on the idea that Madison kept making the wrong decisions when it came to relationships. But none of that mattered anymore, did it? A point underscored by the last paragraph. You have to make choices.

Giving yourself to a Master is an incredibly special gift. I loved you more than anyone, MadGirl. You always did underestimate what kind of gem you are. Be good, sweet sis. But not too good. Madison put the letter on the counter and slid down the wall behind it, giving in to the hard sobs.

Her sister had been getting weaker and sicker. Then, a couple months ago, Alice had called on a Thursday, not their usual day. She also wanted Madison to go through her collection of high-end, well-sterilized sex toys to see if she wanted any of them before they had to be boxed up and dumped. Alice had always known her so well, no matter how much Madison hated that.

Come if you can. Barbara said she had to at least come in Friday and handle her scheduled client meetings, because Barbara had a tee time with board members. Madison refused. Crazy, right? Until Alice had arranged a wake-up call in the form of a simple deathbed request. If the memory had theme music, it would be something sad, wistful.

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Once the door triggered the music, the whole song would play unless someone else came in. Each time the door opened or closed, a new song started, letting Alice to know she had a customer arriving or departing. If there were no new customers after a song played in its entirety, there would be silence. She yanked her attention back to the more important issue. She should pop up from behind the counter like a macabre cartoon.