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After earning a B. I had no idea where it was. The prospect of spending a summer in Tennessee was presented to me by the Morehead-Cain. This summer, five fellow Morehead-Cain scholars and I, as part of the pilot program Civic Collaboration, went to Chattanooga for eight weeks to study its budding innovation district and generate metrics to compare its success with that of other innovation districts around the country. Philadelphia has its own innova-. When I accepted the Morehead-Cain Scholarship, I never imagined I would be given the opportunity to be at the forefront of a new and exciting trend in urban policy.

My colleagues and I interviewed more than 50 of the key players in Chattanooga, collecting information about the city and the district. Visit the GFS website at www. Last July, in recognition of the prooff the street.

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Renamed Community Basketball and Enrichment in , the camp continues to bring young learners from the immedi-. The program, which stages concert versions of musicals, with emphasis on the singers and orchestra as opposed to staging and costumes, was tailor-made for the composer and lyricist. A lot of people slip through the cracks. My work is as much about being interested in a lot of different things as it is about musical theater. In November, he performed several concerts of his Election Songs. Middle and Upper School English teachers set aside their regular curriculum to devote a week to encouraging students to develop their voices through various forms of the written word, including journaling, poetry, short stories and freeform responses to art and other prompts.

While assignments varied from grade-to-grade, even section-to-section, the mission was the same for all: To celebrate student voices and keep them at the center of teaching and learning. Watching the students as they wrote in their journals, fully engaged, was a beautiful thing. We caught up with Glaser after the games to get the lowdown on her greatest challenges and triumphs. Yes and no.

Much of our Olympics content is produced with the same NBC Sports philosophy, although we are very aware that the audience for the Olympics is not the same as for Sunday Night Football. Every Olympics is different. I was producing Late Night from Copacabana Beach live at a. It was ambitious to do a show outside— at one point we literally had waves splashing up onto the set and into our trailers—but I felt like it matched the beautiful setting and the level of energy we were getting from the city. Ultimately, it felt great to do something I hadn't seen us do in my seven games with NBC.

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Personally, I will probably never work another Olympics where I can walk five minutes from the production trailer to a guy on the beach, who will smash open a coconut and throw a straw in it for me. So that was great.

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The value of a GFS education is perhaps something that only started to impact my job when I got into a position where I began managing people. One of the most important things we learn at GFS is how to work with and respect other people. The biggest thing for me is to remember that, regardless of where I go, I represent my company.

I also really enjoyed all of the PICS? We get to show these who had breakout performances.

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The platform we including a bronze medal performance give them really means something to by Melissa Stockwell. You could not something you can say about every see how much that moment meant to her, sporting event. Phoebe Washburn pours energy, creativity and challenges into her large-scale, interactive art projects. I was just following this energy.

Besides working with paper, cardboard and wood, Washburn has also incorporated live plants into her installations, introducing a whole new set of challenges—and the opportunity to explore creative ways of solving real problems in real time. When the installation began to leak, she devised a drainage method to funnel the water away from unsuspecting gallery-goers.

When the leaks persisted, Washburn added. It was equal parts thrilling and embarrassing. She strives to infuse all of her art with whimsy and fun. The foot-long, foot-tall structure, created from repurposed wood, was essentially a human-powered Gatorade vending machine.

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Openings in the exterior wall revealed abstract landscapes within, while others were windows from which gallery visitors, with the. And while Washburn originally thought the space might be used as an art studio, it became more of an improv space, with live music and other performances held almost nightly. Whitney Biennial and is part of the permanent collections of the Guggenheim and Whitney museums in New York. And although she is currently between projects, she thinks her next step organically may be to have the actual installation of a piece be the exhibition.

Volume II The School Committee welcomes five new—and two returning—members. The School Committee is comprised of dedicated individuals who include members of the Germantown Monthly Meeting, alumni, parents, faculty and former parents. This distinguished group sets policies for GFS and makes all final decisions regarding guiding principles, long-term direction and priorities set forth for the school.

A world traveler and fitness buff, he grows pinot noir grapes and raises honeybees on his farm in Sonoma County. I taught myself. Being told how to move kind of defeats the purpose and the reason why people dance. Serving as producer, director, editor and dancer, Biddle and his director of photography shot the video over the course of six days in November It took him three weeks to make the final cut, which he released on YouTube last December.

He readily agreed. It was surreal. The concept was slightly different: dancers, fans and Citizens Bank Park employees dancing around the ballpark to promote a lively, fun-filled experience for Phillies fans. Biddle hired local Philly dancers, and made sure to secure a plum role for himself: dancing on top of the dugout with the Phillie Phanatic. He received an MBA from Wharton, and worked as a chartered financial analyst, providing investment advice to endowments and foundations for 28 years. Joe has served on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, including three different Friends Schools.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Carolyn. His mother and two children are also GFS grads. He recently served on the board of The Philadelphia School, on the finance and diversity sub-committees, and was a member of the Assets Committee at Moorestown Friends School, which he attended for many years. Takashi received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania. His son and daughter attend GFS. Kate worked as a teacher in the Philadelphia School District, and was founder of Wissahickon Charter School, where she has been an administrator for 10 years.

She and her husband live in Germantown, and their three children attend GFS. She previously served as executive director of three nonprofit organizations, as a senior manager at KPMG and as budget director for the City of Philadelphia.

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Dianne, who is a member of the finance committee of Friends Life Care and chair of the finance committee of Friends Center City, holds a doctorate from Stanford University and a Masters of Government Administration from the Fels Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Her son and daughter graduated from GFS. Strategy Through Inquiry Blending Quaker process with design thinking.

This blueprint will also be used to share a nationally-relevant narrative on education, garner the involvement of celebrated thought leaders in our community, and galvanize resources to make realizing this new vision possible. Last summer, the Working Group clerks participated in a training on Quaker process and an intensive workshop on how to utilize design thinking methodology to delve deeply into their queries and generate creative thinking. They spent time refining their topics and contemplating ways to build experiences for the GFS community that would spark new ideas in their areas.

The clerks also began to consider how they might begin to test ideas and engage the community in demonstration projects. Within each of these areas, there are two topics of inquiry. This year, we are spotlighting different queries during particular months of the school year, and have encouraged our community to join in the conversation—either virtually or in person. For more information, please visit: germantownfriends.

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Middle: Michael Williamson, visual arts teacher, explains his approach to co-clerking the Living Systems query. Together, they co-clerk the Diversity and Integration query. An alumnus poses a challenge to raise money to support students from middle-income families. By Colette Kleitz.


All funds raised will be allocated to Upper School students in need of partial scholarships. Now, in order to fulfill our mission to achieve an inclusive and socioeconomicallydiverse student body, more financial aid awards for middle-income earning families are necessary.

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In order to continue to recruit a talented and diverse mix of students, and retain them through graduation, GFS is constantly exploring new ways to expand its financial aid resources. Cohen, who attended GFS from seventh through twelfth grades, along. GFS thanks these generous siblings for their continued interest and support.

Ford Foundation, which will allow faculty to craft and pilot this new program, enabling students to study—in an interdisciplinary manner—ideas, concepts and essential questions relevant to social justice, defined by a collection of courses, curricular lessons, experiential learning, classroom-based partnerships, partnerships with outside groups, and community involvement projects.

Ford match. Your contribution to this exciting initiative would help to develop and pilot social justice curricular and co-curricular programming for Upper School students. These gifts also qualify as your required minimum distribution RMD , which can effectively lower your taxable income, and do not impact your checking or savings account balances. Games and Gains It was a record-setting spring for many Tigers—and a rebuilding season for several teams. By Traci Taylor. She also achieved an all-time GFS strikeout record with The season wrapped with a record of overall, in the FSL.

Nothing helps you acutely realize the specific areas of your game that need improvement and strengthening like playing tough opponents. Although the girls fell just short of winning the FSL title, they had numerous other successes. Throughout the regular season, the crew team was focused and determined.

A game-winning moment for the Tigers occurred against Friends Select, when they came back from a deficit in the bottom of the sixth inning by scoring seven unanswered runs to win the game. With a record in the FSL and an overall record of , the team is eagerly looking forward to next spring. During the regular season, two of the most memorable wins were against Shipley and Baldwin.

Toting laptops, even desktops, carrying laundry baskets overflowing with an array of computer hardware of various sizes and shapes, boys and girls, some accompanied by parents or teachers, others flying solo, joined the line as it began to snake out into the Evans Courtyard.