Gifts of the Prophets: From Abraham to Muhammad

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad sa , was the Founder of Islam, and the one to whom the final religion was revealed by Allah. At the time of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad sa , the whole world seemed to be passing through a period of extreme moral and religious decline. The condition of Arabia was especially poor.

Are we allowed to make distinctions among prophets?

The Arabs suffered from extreme moral vices such as drinking, gambling, and brutal deeds during frequent fights that spun out of tribal rivalries. The Arabs believed in a Supreme God and in the prophethood of Abraham, yet they also worshipped many other gods in the form of idols. Women enjoyed little status and no rights in the Arab society. Certain families had the savage custom of putting baby girls to death.

Restraining Oneself from All that is Harmful

Slavery was common among them and the slaves lived in misery and extreme hardship. However, the Arabs also possessed some admirable qualities such as hospitality, a sense of honour, bravery, and love for poetry. It was among such people that the Holy Prophet of Islam sa was born.

Revelation, Wisdom, and Growing in Purity

His father, Abdullah, died a few months before his birth. His mother, Aminah, had seen a vision, also some time before his birth. In this vision, an angel proposed to her the name Muhammad sa for her child. Also, she saw that glittering lights, emitting from herself, spread all over the world.

After birth, he and his mother had to be looked after by their grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. He entrusted him to the care of the nurse Haleema, as was the custom in Mecca. His mother passed away when he was six years old. Then he was cared for by his grandfather Abdul- Muttalib, who also died two years later. Muhammad sa was then looked after by his uncle Abu Talib. Despite these hardships, Muhammad sa grew up to be an honest, dignified, truthful, and intelligent person.

He also helped his uncle with his trade, sometimes accompanying him on his travels to other lands. Muhammad sa led a pious and simple life and was well known for his willingness to help others. His conduct earned him the titles of As-Siddique meaning the most truthful and Al-Amin meaning the most trustworthy. From his very childhood he was given to reflection and meditation. In the quarrels and rivalries of others he took no part, except with a view of putting an end to them. It is said that the tribes living in Mecca and the territories around, tired of unending blood-feuds, collectively founded an association which was to help victims of aggressive and unjust treatment.

When the Holy Prophet sa heard of this, he gladly joined. Members of this association gave an undertaking in the following terms:. They will help those who were oppressed and will restore them their rights, as long as the last drop of water remained in the sea. And if they do not do so, they will compensate the victims out of their own belongings. Even in his youth the Prophet Muhammad sa was well known for his honesty, sincerity and truthfulness. At the time there lived in Mecca a rich lady by the name of Khadijah who was twice widowed.

Khadijah made a proposal of marriage to Muhammad sa which was accepted. At the time of his marriage, Muhammad sa was twenty-five years old while Khadijah was forty. From his marriage to Khadijah, the Holy Prophet sa had seven children: three sons and four daughters. The four daughters reached womanhood and got married but all died before the age of thirty. Only Fatimah outlived her father, and only by six months. All the families of the Quraysh assisted in this effort.

As the walls rose from the ground and the time came to replace the sacred black stone in its place, a dispute broke out. Muhammad sa happened to be that person. Muhammad sa quickly grasped the situation and asked that the black stone be placed on a sheet of cloth. He then asked the four families of the Quraysh to hold each comer of the cloth and raise the stone to its place.

The Prophet Muhammad

Thus Muhammad sa , through his wisdom, averted the conflict and resolved the dispute in a manner acceptable to the Quraysh. When the Prophet sa was over thirty years of age, love of God and love of His worship began to possess him more and more. Revolting against the mischiefs, misdeeds and the many vices of the people of Mecca, he chose a spot two or three miles away for his meditations.

This was on top of a hill, a sort of cave shaped out of stone. His wife Khadija would prepare food enough for several days, and with this he would repair to the cave Hira. In the cave he would worship God day and night. When he was forty years of age, he saw a vision in this very cave. He saw someone commanding him to recite. The Prophet sa said in reply he did not know what or how to recite. The figure insisted and at last made the Prophet sa recite the following verses:.

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And thy Lord is the Most Beneficent, Who taught man by the pen, taught man what he knew not Muhammad sa was so overawed by this experience that he rushed home and related it to his wife Khadijah. He said: "Weak man that I am, how can I carry the responsibility which God proposes to put on my shoulders?

The Story of Abraham (All parts) - The Religion of Islam

How can God do such a thing, while you are kind and considerate to your relations, help the poor and the forlorn and bear their burdens? You are restoring the virtues which had disappeared from our country. You treat guests with honour and help those who are in distress.

Can you be subjected by God to any trial? Khadijah then took the Prophet sa to her cousin Waraqah bin Naufal who was a Christian hermit. On hearing what had happened Waraqah said:. Your people will oppose you and will turn you out. Although the first revelation marked the beginning of the prophetic career of Muhammad sa , it did not contain any special instructions for him. Such instructions started to come down in subsequent revelations. At first the Prophet sa reported his visions and revelations to a few close relatives and friends. A number of these believed in him and embraced the new religion.

The very first person to accept Islam was, of course, his wife Khadijah. Then came Ali, his cousin, and Abu Bakr, his childhood friend. Then, as commanded, the Prophet took his preaching to his own clan. One day he climbed on top of Mount Sana, in Mecca, and called out:. Hearing his call, the people of Quraysh gathered around him and asked what the matter was. The Prophet said:. O Banu Abdul Muttalib! O Banu Abd Manaf! O Banu Zuhra!

O Banu Taym! O Banu Makhzum!

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  • O Banu Asad! God has commanded me to warn my nearest kinsmen, that I can guarantee to you no good on the earth or in heaven unless you witness that there is none worthy of worship except God. Not discouraged at this cruel and harsh reception from his own kinsfolk, the Holy Prophet sa took his preaching to the people of Mecca at large. His message to the people in each case was very simple:. God is One.

    The Life of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Ep 3: The Prophet Abraham's Prayer

    There is none worthy of worship except Him. He has no associate. He is the sole Creator of the Universe. God is Unseen and All Powerful and to portray Him with figures and statues is not right. In short, the Holy Prophet sa asked his people to give up idol worship, return to the worship of One God and be kind and charitable to the poor.

    The Meccans did not like to be told that the religion of their forefathers was absurd. The Meccans saw in Islam a real threat to their own social and political power and did their utmost to oppose this new religion. Slaves, young men and hapless women collected around the Prophet. These people saw that Islam recognised the rights of the poor, the slaves and the women, and they saw a new hope for themselves in this religion. The Meccans were a class-conscious society and the Chiefs of Mecca could not even think that the poor could have the same rights as themselves.