Forestry in China: Historical Transitions and Industry Developments

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From its humble beginning in as a single paper mill operation, Nokia has found and nurtured success over the years in a range of industrial sectors including cable, paper products, rubber boots, tires, televisions and mobile phones. The first GSM call was made in using Nokia equipment.

Forest Service moves forward with Tongass second-growth transition

Rapid success in the mobile phone sector allowed Nokia to become by , the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world. In Nokia introduced the first camera phone. In , to address increasing competition from iOS and Android operating systems, Nokia entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft. In Nokia sold its mobile and devices division to Microsoft. Additional acquisitions have positioned Nokia to be an industry leader in the transition to 5G wireless technology by offering the only end-to-end 5G network portfolio available on a global basis. Chen, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, T.

Booth, and X. Changes of carbon stocks in bamboo stands in China during years. Forest Ecology and Management 7 Chen, Y. Agricultural land use responses to the rising labor opportunity cost in Sui County, China. Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment 8 4 Feder, G. Just, and D. Adoption of agricultural innovations in developing countries: a survey.

Economic Development and Cultural Change Gender dimensions of rural and agricultural employment: differentiated pathways out of poverty—a global perspective. National forest resources inventory and general situation of forest resources in the PRC [Diqici quanguo senlin ziyuan qingcha ji senlin ziyuan zhuangkuang]. Linye ziyuan guangli [Forest Resources Management] In Chinese Gao, S.

Bring real hope to all of B.C.

Huang, and Y. Rural tourism development in China. International Journal of Tourism Research The estimation of the Lorentz curve and the Gini index. The Review of Economics and Statistics Zhao, and J. Landuse change of China during the 20th century Ershi shiji zhongguo tudi liyong bianhua yanjiu.

Dili xuebao [Journal of Geography] 55 6 In Chinese Guan, C. Bamboo landscape resources in China. Zhongguo de zhu jingguan ziyuan.

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Zhuzi yanjiu huikan [Journal of Bamboo Research] 22 2 Fu, Geriletu, Z. Li, M. Xie, X. Yang, and B. Ecological functionality of Phyllostachys edulis Moso Bamboo within a subtropical forest community in eastern China—a quantitative analysis of biodiversity, biomass and coverage parameters at Daxi village, Anji County. Recent changes in Chinese forestry seen through the lens of forest transition theory. International Forestry Review 15 4 Yang, and Geriletu. From farm to rural hostel: new opportunities and challenges associated with tourism expansion in Daxi, a village in Anji County, Zhejiang, China.

Sustainability Yang, M. Fu, Geriletu, and D. Changing contribution of forests to livelihoods: evidence from Daxi Village, Zhejiang Province, China.

Dongying, China: Growing Forests in Saline Soil

International Forestry Review 11 3 Yang, Geriletu. Belcher, B. Zhou, and Z. Maintaining the contract responsibility system of forest land distribution in China: evidence from a novel financial compensation scheme in Daxi Village of Anji County, Zhejiang.

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Land Use Policy Hazell, and T. Strategies for stimulating poverty-alleviating growth in the rural nonfarm economy in developing countries. World Bank, Washington, D. He, F. Ge, J. Dai, and S. Quantitative analysis on forest dynamics of China in recent years Jin sanbainian lai zhongguo senlin de bianqian. Dili xuebao [Journal of Geography] 62 1 In Chinese Hogarth, N.

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Campbell, and N. The role of forest-related income in household economies and rural livelihoods in the border-region of southern China. World Development Summary of bamboo culture and bamboo culture tourism in China Zhongguo zhu wenhua ji zhu wenhua lvyou yanjiu de xianzhuang he zhanwang. Zhuzi yanjiu huikan [Journal of Bamboo Research] 21 3 In Chinese Hyde, W. Belcher, and J. Xu, editors. Resources for the Future, Washington D. Kang, Y. Gao, and Y. Study review on forestry shareholding cooperation linye gufen hezuo yanjiu zhongshu. Anhui nongye kexue [Journal of Anhui Agriculture] 38 31 In Chinese Kant, S.

Forest Policy and Economics 1 Krumhardt, and N. The prehistoric and preindustrial deforestation of Europe.

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    The rural non-farm sector: issues and evidence from developing countries. Agricultural Economics Jiang, S. Chang, J. Wu, and L. Organic mulch and fertilization affect soil carbon pools and forms under intensively managed bamboo Phyllostachys praecox forests in southeast China. Journal of Soils and Sediments 10 4 American Journal of Agricultural Economics 69 2 Liu, D. Tenure management of non-state forests in China since a historical review.

    Environmental History 6 2 Liu, J.

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    Jiang, H. Wang, G. Zhou, J. Wu, F. Yang, and X.


    Seasonal soil CO 2 efflux dynamics after land use change from a natural forest to Moso bamboo plantations in subtropical China. Forest Ecology and Management 6 Lobovikov, M. Lou, D. Schoene, and R. Lu, S. Theme tourism booming in China—research on bamboo culture in ethnic minority regions, Yunnan Province. McNeill, J. Pages in M. Elvin and T.

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    Liu, editors, Sediments of time. Environment and society in Chinese history. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.