Boy Scouts in a Submarine; or, Searching an Ocean Floor

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Jack Bosworth'sfather was a prominent corporation lawyer, while Harry Stevens, a ladwith a historical hobby, was a prominent automobile manufacturer.

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Ned Nestor, the boy just now trying to entertain the very formalCaptain Moore, was a member of the Wolf Patrol, also of New York, aswas also Jimmie McGraw, who had been a Bowery newsboy before joiningfortunes with Ned. As is well known to most of our readers, Ned had, at one time andanother, undertaken and successfully accomplished delicate andhazardous enterprises for the United States Government.

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He was now about to enter upon, perhaps, the most important missionever assigned to him by the Secret Service department. The story ofthe quest upon which he was about to enter will best be told in theconversation which now took place in the clubroom of the Black BearPatrol on this evening of the 11th of September. Presently Captain Moore transferred his gaze from the apartment to theboys gathered about the table and grouped about the place.

Boy Scouts In a Submarine or Searching an Ocean Floor

As a matterof course all conversation in the room had ceased on the arrival ofthe Captain. While the boys who were not fortunate enough to beplanning on the trip in the submarine were too courteous to openlystare at their guest of the moment, it may well be believed that hisevery look and word was closely noted.

He did not like the man he was supposed to dobusiness with, and did not try to conceal the fact. The Captain brought his glass into use again and looked the boy over,much as he would have inspected a curio in a museum. Jimmie glaredback, and the eyes of the two fenced for a moment before a twinkle ofhumor appeared in those of the Captain.

Jimmie would have made some discourteous reply only for the tug Nedgave at his sleeve. As it was he only nodded.

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Unless something was done, the boys, all resenting the manner of theCaptain, would be beyond control, and then the Secret Service manwould be likely to leave the place in anger. This, in turn, might endanger the adventure already planned andprepared for, for the chief of the department might see fit to adoptwhatever recommendations Captain Moore made in the matter.

The visitor might have sensed the hostility, for he hastened to takefrom a pocket a sheaf of papers and place them on the table. The nextmoment the boys all saw that they had not gained a correct estimate ofthe Secret Service man.


The instant he began talking of the matter which had brought him tothe clubroom his manner changed. Harvey Ralphson M.

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Boy Scouts in a Submarine; Or, Searching an Ocean Floor

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