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Choose what you love and wear it proudly!!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hi Cheryl, unfortunately we do not repair rings that were purchased outside of Brilliant Earth.

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My husband bought me a beautiful 3-stone Moissanite anniversary ring, however I somehow chipped one of the smaller stones not even sure how…. Perhaps accidentally hit my hand against something? The jewelry store where we bought it has gone out of business. Is there any way to have it repaired? I purchased a 1 ct.

Moissanite stone 18 years ago and had the them set into a platinum three stone setting. It looks absolutely stunning! I have had more compliments on this ring. After a year or so, I had the ring cleaned at a well known jewelry store. The jeweler asked if the ring was insured. I love it. I have been married for 40 yrs. My original engagement ring was a. My wedding ring was a ring guard with 1. As the years passed, the trend towards larger stones caused me to start looking around. It was soon obvious to me that Moissanite was what I wanted.

Moissanite solitaire 26 yrs. It was placed in the same ring guard that I had worn originally. They were shocked when I told them it was Moissanite. The combination of small, accent diamonds in the guard encircling the 2 ct. Considering inflation over 15 yrs, Hi Laura, none of the previous comparisons are specifically between diamonds and the new Forever One Moissanite, as it was just released this fall in very limited sizes and shapes.

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You can expect the Forever One to share the same basic properties of Moissanite, specifically the same higher refraction properties. While they are being pitched as being in the colorless diamond range of D-E-F, most people would still find them a bit warmer in color than a GIA certified diamond of the same color range. I think I have read every one of the posts here, and I am still confused. My understanding is that it has few if any of the concerns re: the greenish or yellowish color in the stone?

But I assume it still has the same higher refraction properties? I believe this stone was released just this fall. I can tell you just how beautiful and diamond-like moissanite is. For the past 10 years, I have been wearing what I thought was a diamond. Paid diamond prices for it. Flash to last year at this time when my trusted jeweler was arrested for swapping moissanite for diamonds.

It is still just as sparkly as the day I bought it. No chips or scratches. I wear it every day. I work in my garden, kitchen, and am an artist. My moissanite has withstood it all, just like a diamond would. It looks as good as the day I bought it. The other great thing is that I bought it when gold was cheap compared to now.

I have a heavy gold band that holds my huge moissanite stone. It looks like a 40k ring. Nobody has ever asked me if my diamond was real. I think they assume it is. Works for me.

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  • A bargain if you ask me. I also bought a 2k equiv. They would cost me 3x that much now because of the gold.

    Diamond Ring Types by Design and Number of Stones

    I love them and wear them everyday. I love it, it is beautiful. I think the beauty stays in moisanite, the pride of being worth stays with the diamond.

    Diamond Cuts

    It is still absolutely stunning. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received. I wear it all the time. The Moissanite looked just as beautiful. I would never pay the price of a diamond. I love my Moissanite ring. I have since purchased Moissanite earrings and necklaces, they are all fabulous, and I feel just as special in them as I would diamonds. The stones look beautiful in every light. Hi Lysha, moissanite is doubly refractive like natural zircon. It has a higher refractive index however, so produces even more intense brilliance with a higher level of dispersion the bright rainbow flashes.

    It is also a much harder and more durable stone than natural zircon so is a great choice for everyday wear! A Diamond is singly refractive and a Zircon is doubly refractive, so how does a Moissanite compare to Zircon?

    Miners discover diamond within a diamond, believed to be first of its kind | WSBT

    It is disappointing to see how people tend to misunderstand an information thus leading others to follow their own ideas. I agree that not everyone possess good understanding and communication skills, however we should definitely be careful when letting others know about our opinion. The article is not biased at all, instead it provides with information about the differences in both stones in order to offer good options for those who seek in having one of the two. For those who already bought one of the stones and want to buy another, do it because you like the way it is and feels and not because someone else told you to.

    After all, if you can afford thousands of expensive or cheap stoned rings, why not go for it! I hope it helps. Good day for you all…. I just got engaged and I absolutely love my moissanite ring! The article is very informative; answering the exact questions I had. Not that diamonds are in your opinion the preferred purchase. Thank you for clarifying the difference. No pun intended. I am looking for a in expensive stone and similar in look to diamond. Ideally I wanted a 1. Would the colour be noticeably different from diamond with this size of stone?

    I bought my wife a moissanite engagement ring. Why spend more for an inferior product diamonds. Interesting that the original post by Brilliant Earth does not use the word gaudy unless it was edited. Rather, the commenter used that word and everyone followed suit. Very disappointed in the biased tone of this article. Hi Sallie, if you purchased your ring with Brilliant Earth, our jewelry specialists will be happy to assist you. You can reach them at 1.

    Crafted to Perfection

    My diamond fell out of my ring and was lost. Can you place one of your stones in my setting if it was sent to you? I just received my engagement ring and the center stone is a 1. There are also small diamonds around the band.